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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thank you, I'll take no tea.

"Twenty stitches to the inch, Lissie." Some things stay with you forever.

I finally got a chance to see the Felicity movie. I found it at Bookman's last week (our favorite place to buy and trade movies, books and music,) and having a bit of trade to spend, I snatched it up quick. Felicity holds a pretty important place in my heart, and she and I (and subsequently my best friend, Kerry,) go way, way back.

See, it was because of meeting Kerry, and our mutual love for- not just the American Girls Collection- but specifically Felicity Merriman, that got us both into writing. At the time, and I'm sure even now, Kerry was a far more talented writer than I was, but we were both just as creative and just as driven. Her passion, which quickly became mine, was to continue Felicity's stories into her adulthood, when she would enter honorably into a marriage with her father's apprentice, Benjamin Davidson (see second image.)

We were very much twelve at the time, very wistful young women with big dreams of romance. Were it not for Felicity, I don't think we would have ever found an outlet for them. Because of the stories we began writing, we gained a new interest in drawing and sewing- after all, we needed to know what our characters looked like, and certainly wanted to dress up just like them. Many new stories with many new characters would come thereafter, many friends getting in on our fun. We befriended many talented young men and women, and yet the heart of the operation- the history- Kerry, Felicity and I, are still the most lasting.

All this to say that I sat through that whole darn movie with Ro and my husband, and I didn't much whine about the inaccuracy of the costuming, Pleasant Company changing the "Meet" outfits, screwing with the plot or the timeline, or how Felicity's actress (Shailene Woodley) faded in and out of a British accent the whole time. Nope, I just ate it all up, because Lissie's that important to me. Always has been. Always will be.

At the end I laughed and said to Ro, "In a few years, you'll have read those books and you'll think this is the best movie in the whole world." I can only hope that I'm right. ♥

Images courtesy of Curt Danhauser's American Girls Collection Collector's website.

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