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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Ro's sick. Whenever she gets sick, I'm always reminded of the first time she was sick (see inset, four months old.) She kept falling asleep sitting up, completely unwilling to let that binky go, and I, also sick, had nowhere to set my big cup of tea, so we just hovered precariously in my armchair while watching Daddy play WoW.

Even now, when she's sick (which isn't that often, since she's not in any kind of daycare,) she's more than willing to climb up into a chair or sofa with me, lay her head down and watch TV. This weekend it was Christmas cooking shows on Create. (We don't have cable, and Create is the closest thing mama gets to Food Network.)

It's probably horrible of me to say that Ro's a lot more pleasant when she's sick. Quiet, patient, cuddly, takes long, long naps and plenty of baths... What can I say. This weekend's been great for me. Poor Ro! What a terrible mom I am.

Edited to Add: Of course, now I'm sick, too... =(

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