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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Momentary Bliss

My friends and I had an unprecendentedly long Crafty today, the kids were actually well behaved for two and a half hours. What. Ro went off in a shiny new minivan with this particular mama and her kin afterward, and will be spending the afternoon there, likely far happier with herself than she would be if she was forced to be home alone with mommy. Beyond 100% awesome for both of us. Maybe if the headache goes away I can get caught up on some of this damn housework.

I should take this opportunity to explain a thing or two about Crafty, and how subdued it's become since we originally instated the tradition. Every Thursday, two of my mama friends and their kids come over, and the mamas sit around the table while the kids go off and play. Originally set into motion as a morning of scrapbooking and knitting, it's now kind of deflated into "coupon clipping and studying for nursing school" or "eating Taco Bell and telling questionable stories from our teenage years." Nonetheless, it's a tradition we all miss something awful when we forget to get together, so we're all glad to have it. There are four children now, one is two, two are two and a half, and one just turned four- and both those mamas are expecting again! I don't know if I have ROOM in my HOUSE for six kids, so as the days progress, we continue looking to one another in a "what are we going to do," kind of fashion. They told me to buy a bigger house. Okay. I'll get right on that.

During today's crafty I fully constructed, embroidered, stuffed and sewed the hair onto Ro's little "SCA" baby doll, which is actually just an ear-and-tail-less Wee Wonderfuls Wee Bunny made of organic wool interlock left over from a ton of soaker pants that Cinchworm mama made for she and our other friends upcoming babies. I gave it a tuft of hair made of Chickie Masla Peace Fleece and embroidered it a face and a little hand holding a green hoop- a rattle? A laurel wreath? Who knows! Anyway, I'll take photos of it later, I'm also going to make Ro a mini ring-sling to carry it around in, since I have so many D-rings floating around and enough scrap fabric to swim in.

Anyway, I've been reading a lot of SouleMama and it's beyond inspirational. I just want my whole life to be filled with light and creativity like her photos (but not her reality, I know) portray. Currently Ro's desk... (it's a vintage schooldesk I found at Goodwill, you know the ones we all had, with the formica tops made to look like wood and the storage underneath that you could only get to by sticking your hands down there? And everything always got lost? Your best eraser that was shaped like a hot dog would work its way all the way to the back and you wouldn't find it until June when you had to clean everything out? One of those.)

As I was saying, currently Ro's desk is a mess with several sheets of paper and a spilled out tin of Crayola Tadoodles, but that's the kind of mess I want to be seeing, instead of my sewing stuff, which my sewing area appears to have barfed out all over the floor.

Oh man. The phone keeps ringing, and for a split second, I have a heart attack, thinking Ro's upstairs asleep and it's going to wake her. NO SIR. She's not even HERE. Momentary bliss!!

Incidentally, SouleMama also makes me want to go be a little more diligent about my own blog, so here I am, making a mundane update with a goofy picture. I want to be famous and fabulous in the blogging world. I do, I do!

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