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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I went bowling.

A tiny post about this bowl. I love this bowl. I have been lusty for this bowl since I saw it about a year ago, but couldn't really ever justify the price at the time I was holding it in my hands, you know? Yeah, only $18, but every time I saw it there was something else that needed buying more. Laundry detergent, diapers, groceries, whatever. When I was floating around Target picking up the Advent calendar, I noticed that they still had this bowl. This huge, beautiful serving bowl that's just longing for salad or cookie dough. Look at that thing, will you? Still though, I didn't buy it.

Two days later I check the mail, and I always check the mail late. I only get the mail about once or twice a week. Inside was an envelope from my stepmom Lisa, and my Dad, with a Target card inside! You can bet your sweet pants I went right the heck back there and bought that bowl. It's sitting on my counter right now just waiting. Waiting for something to be put inside.

What do you think should be first?
And when will I ever be able to justify the $40 to buy the matching platter?

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