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Monday, February 18, 2008

Back When Cosleeping Worked...

So my Mom's coming to visit and we thought that it would be sensible for Ro to come sleep in our room with us again, since now that we have a roommate, the only "guest" bedroom we have is Ro's bedroom. So yesterday we decided to take a trial run. She napped really well in the afternoon, went down fine in the evening, but then when I went in at 10pm to go to bed, and she heard the covers moving around and the mattress squeaking, she woke straight up and started to cry.

You see, Ro is a social creature, and if she could be chatting (and, incidentally, slapping you) instead of sleeping, she will be. No questions asked. Cosleeping stopped working for us around 8 months old when she decided that talking was much more fun than resting. Our mere presence (asleep or not) ruined everything for her, (and us,) and so we had to send her packing down the hall.

I have tons of friends who cosleep whose children (at ages with Ro) do not seem to have this social butterfly issue, and I am jealous and left longing for the days when we could just plunk her down in the cosleeper (see picture, 7 weeks old) and she'd sleep in any conditions, regardless of noise or movement.

I'll be happy, I admit, when she's old enough to sleep 'on command', or in the very least, when I ask nicely. When she can sleep in a bed instead of walled in (for fear of her jumping back out to play until 3am) and when people come to visit, she can curl up between us like she used to (or in a sleeping bag on the floor) and I won't be nearly as stressed out.


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