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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Aurora Llane Update : 22 Months

The greatest changes in Roary tend to take place in New York. Here, her world is turned upside down with fresh, new experiences and people that challenge and engage her. We have been here for five weeks already and will be heading back to Arizona in eleven days.

Since our arrival she has been given her first ball, her first paddling pool, eaten her first McDonald's Happy Meal, had her first success drawing with crayons, gone to her first festival in Washington Park, her first SCA event at Mariaville Lake, her first family reunion in Voorheesville, her first baby shower in Albany, and this coming weekend will be attending her first wedding in Troy and will be taking a trip downstate to Pine Bush to attend an early 4th of July picnic with JG's family.

She's been enjoying Noggin while we're here, though, of course, sticking with my standards of parenting, we still don't watch marketable shows. She likes Jack's Big Music Show and Oswald the best, and I love the fact that there's no commercials, and the only breaks in the shows are for little blocks of fun and educational programming. It makes me feel better as a mother that not every TV station is "out to get" the kids.

Also since arriving, she's said the following new things: "Puppy," "Fishie," "Ball," "Pops," "Oh my god," "Are you okay?", "I love you," "Hot," "God bless you," and "What are you doing?"

Things have been great here, and it's going to be sad to go back home- luckily, we'll be back in the fall like always!

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