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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Aurora Llane Update : 20 Months

Oops. Being so ingrained in LiveJournal often makes it hard for me to remember to use Blogger! My apologies to anyone who's been checking over here and has found no news in some time. Yikes!

Ro is now 20 months old. She's become a real pro at recognition- any time she sees Zack, bananas or cats in any picture, book or photo album, she immediately looks at me incredulously and asks me if that's what she thinks it is, as though it's not possible- "...Kitty!?"

New things she's saying include "There you go!" ("They-ko!"), "Meme", which she says any time she sees the phone, "Bye!", "Cookie", and finally "Baby" is no longer more than two syllables long.

We're going to be heading to New York in about two weeks to stay with Meme for a month. My mom got her a set of TaDoodles Crayola markers and we're going to let her draw- until now she hasn't done much drawing, as she eats crayons the second she gets her hands on them, but this seems like a great alternative, and leave it to Crayola to always come up with a solution to messy children's art supplies.

We also bought an Eddie Bauer Harness Buddy so that she can run around on her own in the airports and hopefully she won't get angry and restless like she does when I have her in the carrier, and it will help tire her out to nap on the plane.

Lately she's been playing a lot with her wooden kitchen set that Nana got her for Christmas. We watch a lot of cooking shows during the day and she loves to mimic what she sees the chefs doing.

Her hair is getting longer, her eyes browner. I think she's got my mom's chocolate-colored eyes and reddish hair, which is wonderful, they're beautiful.

Tomorrow we're going to the pool in the neighborhood across the street with a mom friend of mine and her two kids. This will be Ro's first time in a swimming pool and I'm excited to see her reaction! I'll have to be quite liberal with the sunscreen in a place like Arizona.

We went and got our first real family studio portraits taken last week. It was a really nice experience, Ro was happy and patient with the whole process and I can't wait to see the prints and get them out to family members.

Speaking of photos, I'd better post some new ones!

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