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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Aurora Llane Update : 19 Months

New things Roary says include: "Banana" ("B'LA?"), "Frog" ("Fraw?"), "Fox" ("Faw?"), "1, 2, 3." ("Mine, TOO, tree..."), "Where's Daddy?" ("Wha daddy?"), and "Mommy" ("Mom-mom?")
-FINALLY! Took her 18 months to realize who I was!

We got a Bell Classic infant seat for my bike so that we can go to the grocery store and playground during the day while Zack's got the car at work. She enjoys the fresh air and seeing the cars, and I'm really grateful to have a way to get some exercise AND keep her occupied.

Also, I admit that I found the blue and red of the bike seat utterly tasteless, so I sewed a new cover for it out of some vintage fabric from my stash.

She had a great visit this past week with her Meme and Pops, who came to visit from NY. They went together on a road trip up to Payson. Alas, Payson is not terribly exciting, so I am not jealous that I did not join them. =D

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