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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Aurora Llane Update : 18 Months

Ro is now 18 months old (but is still wearing 12 month size clothes!) She's still petite, but we're alright with that- it creates the illusion that time isn't going quite so fast.

Recent developments include walking up the stairs on her feet by holding the railing, going down the stairs on her bottom (with the patience of a saint), drinking from a straw, giving real kisses, and using the shiny round button to turn the TV on and off.

Her vocabulary is steadily increasing, and she now says the following:
"Hi!", Thank You: "Tank-ew!", Kitty: "Kih! Kih!", Daddy: "Da-too! Da-dee!", Cracker: "Ka-koh?", "No", "No way", Baby: "Ba-ba-ba-bi!", Milk: "Gick!" and "Ooooooh!"

Her favorite foods include pepperoncinis, gnocchi, Larabars, bananas, pico de gallo, quesadillas, and ice cubes, which I suspect make her teeth feel better. Speaking of the teeth, she has more than I can count at this point, seeing as how fond she is of my poking around in her mouth. I know she has all 8 front teeth, all 4 canines, and at least 2 molars, which makes 14 teeth and counting.

She spends most of her day playing in the living room and watching the PBS Create station, or out in the back yard with her sandbox toys (though sadly, no sandbox yet.)

Her favorite toys include her IKEA fox family from Cassia, her wooden play kitchen from Great Nana, her baby doll from Great Grandma Lettie and her North Star Toys Rainbow People Mover from Meme.

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