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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All the things she said:

It's easier than I thought it would be to forget to write down all those little things your kid says, or does. I've gotten pretty lazy about it, and so for the past two weeks have been racking them up in my head, waiting for a good time to come write them all down. I can't exactly think of a good place to start, either- she's just so funny, and it's something new, every day. So I'm just going to start a bullet list and lay them out as they come to me.

  • She has no idea who "Santa Claus" is - she thinks his name is "Crimmas."
  • If she's been wearing footy pajamas, she'll exclaim when I take them off: "HI FEET! HI TOES!"
  • Instead of saying "mine" she says "my's". This actually makes linguistically logical sense, Cyndee pointed out- if it's not his, hers, theirs or yours, it's obviously my's.
  • She often shouts something that sounds like "Oh, promise!" - We have no idea what it means.
  • She's started calling me Mama- and sometimes Mom- instead of "Mommy".
  • There was a long time where she thought that eyebrows were called "Sick". We don't know how that happened, but finally she's started saying "eyebrow."
  • For about a week she'd say this little chant full of glottal stops, in my head I was seeing it as "Ohm, zowie zowie" but she was saying "Um. Sah-wee, sah-wee." She just repeats it over and over, so we started warning people that she was hexxing them.
  • She recognizes Obama, and is never shy to shout out his name when she sees him ("OBAMA! Obama, Mama?") In fact, she thought she saw him off our balcony yesterday- ...but no one was there.
  • She pronounces the name of her 'best friend', a little girl named Cassia, as "Cash-u-lah". She really pushes the last syllable, too, and it almost comes across like Dracula.
  • She's learned to say "I need." She says it all the time. "I need food," "I need water," "I need bathy-bath," "I need chocolate," "I need coffee." ...No you don't, mommy does.
  • She tells these really long stories full of different faces and emotions and dramatic pauses, she'll even change which direction she's facing in as if to allude to the fact that multiple people are talking. She's very animated and very convincing, and she'll just chatter in that Age Two language of hers, sometimes throwing in things I understand like "Daddy" and "Downstairs."
  • When I go to put her down for bedtime at night, she'll ask me about all the things we'll do the next day. It's usually a lengthy speech, and then at the end she'll say: "Alright?"
    "In morning, eat food? Banana? Milky? Noodles? Go outside? Go playground? Pancakes? Alright?"
  • If you ask her if she's alright, she'll answer with "I fine."
  • Ever since she realized you can wish someone a happy new year, she's been saying it. ...Ever since. "HAPPY NOON-NYEER!" Middle of February? Doesn't matter to her. Happy new year.
  • Her latest game is to tell you to close your eyes- "Closa-ize." And then she'll make a sudden sound to "scare" you into "waking up."
  • This morning she stacked some of those ring-stacking blocks on top of one another and ran into my room screaming "APPLE PIE!" No one knows why she knows what apple pie is.

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